Academia to Industry: Create a Great Biotech Resume

After taking this course, scientists will be able to create a strong resume that improves their chances of landing interviews for biotech industry jobs. Course covers converting a CV, tailoring a resume to a job, and editing the resume to stand out.


Resume Review

When you submit your resume for review through this service, you can expect our expert feedback from professionals who have seen hundreds of biotech resumes and know how to help academics transitioning to industry improve their documents.


Academia to Industry: Optimize Your LinkedIn for Biotech

After taking this LinkedIn course, students will increase their chances of getting noticed by recruiters and professionals. This course covers building up your profile, networking strategies, and understanding what recruiters look for on LinkedIn.


Network on LinkedIn for Biotech Jobs

After taking this course, students will be able to network with biotech professionals on LinkedIn with confidence. The course covers building your connections, curating your feed, and aligning job search timelines to networking activities.


LinkedIn Review

Expert feedback from recruiters who have seen hundreds of profiles and use LinkedIn regularly to search for job candidates.


Career Coaching

1:1 support and guidance with a PhD career development professional.